Standard Terms of Business

Project planning & management

The document & data automation space where we operate is necessarily fluid - where inputs are subject to change and variation, and where the scope is rarely set in stone through the life of a project. Our project management methodology recognises this and we manage implementations so that we can adapt to new inputs, scenarios and requirements as they become apparent. We expect that project delivery is a partnership between us and you, the client.

Shared project plan

We use Toggl Plan and Trello as our primary management and collaboration platforms and will invite participants from your organisation as external contributors. We will agree and document key deliverables with you at the start of the project and plan implementation to ensure that these are met - this project plan will remain visible to all members with real-time updates available online.

Once implementation begins, all change/feature requests must be tracked and impacts can be jointly assessed, additional effort approved, and tasks queued for implementation. Whilst it is private to our virtual ‘team’ with you, you must not share sensitive data through Toggl or Trello.

Our pricing indication for professional services is calculated based on the anticipated effort in the project plan and this is subject to change. Our work will be split into agreed bite-sized phases to ensure that momentum is maintained and measurable milestones are achieved.

Client responsibilities

You will have responsibilities, for instance, the collation of example documents, data quality review or the availability of a server platform, which will be clearly documented in the project plan.

You must ensure that if it is not possible to meet your own responsibilities that this is communicated to us as soon as is practicable. If we suffer an unavoidable loss of revenue because of your failure to meet your responsibilities then we reserve the right to charge for time lost - e.g. late cancellation of a site visit. If at all possible we will adjust our schedules to accommodate you - this may include bringing forward developments for another client.

Regular review

In our regular project reviews (whether remote or on-site) we will be using Toggl Plan to track progress. Normally we expect to conduct a review at least weekly with all participants.

Our Fees

Our professional service charges are calculated by the hour at and vary depending on the client sector (e.g. charities) and the specialisms required. More details are available on our consultancy rates page.

Our normal working hours are between 8 am and 5 pm Mon-Thu, 8 am to 4 pm Fri; if we need to schedule work outside these times then we will accommodate wherever possible and at our discretion. We are flexible with our clients and expect the same in return (e.g. arrival times taking into account travel considerations).

On-site work is typically billed in ½ day (4 hour) increments with a minimum of 8 hours; we may vary that at our discretion. Remote work can be more flexible and typically we account for 1-hour increments during initial implementation. Where we agree on an ongoing relationship with monthly consultancy we account for ¼ hour increments and may agree a discounted hourly rate.

We are always fair, reasonable and transparent in our fees and expect our partnership with clients to reflect that equally.


Any deviation from the planned schedule due to unforeseen complications or additional costs arising will be notified to you as soon in as is reasonably possible for your approval. Implementation time is tracked in Toggl with logs available on request.

Billing schedule

We will invoice in advance for the scheduled professional services in each phase. Unless otherwise agreed all professional services must be paid for in advance.

On-site vs. remote implementation

During initial implementation we are likely to spend more time on-site with you where practicable; productivity is improved where we are collaborating on infrastructure, data, user processes, etc.

In later phases and ongoing support, clients are generally happy with and prefer remote implementation to allow greater flexibility and to reduce travel expenses.

Please note that non-payment or late payment of our invoices can lead to your services being suspended.


Applicable travel expenses will be billed monthly in arrears, supported by receipts where appropriate.

On-site work will be subject to reasonable (receipted) travel expenses unless otherwise agreed, at our discretion.

  1. Car travel is charged at @ 40p per mile + parking / tolls.
  2. Train and air travel is standard class.
  3. Hotel for consecutive workdays to be Travelodge / Premier Inn / Holiday Inn Express or similar.
  4. Evening meals/subsistence at £25 per night away.

Some clients book on our behalf using their own preferred suppliers, which we are more than happy to use.


Temporary software licences [for most major components] will be supplied at no cost during implementation; software costs are only due on completion of the agreed phase(s) in their delivery and when confirmed to be working as intended. You must not use a temporary software key for production use and agree that production use constitutes acceptance of delivery.

You will be provided with the full software key on receipt of payment. SMUA / annual support for year 1 is payable at the same time as the original software licence.

Software Maintenance and Upgrade Assurance (SMUA) / annual support

SMUA / support is paid annually in advance, and renewal will be invoiced 60 days in advance of the anniversary of activation. If you wish to cease updates and support please let us know as early as reasonably possible so that we can cancel contracts.

SMUA must always be continuous - any lapse will be backdated if you subsequently decide to use the software and require updates/support. Software vendors may impose administrative charges for lapsed support but, if effectively communicated, these may not be enforced at their discretion.

Ongoing Support

On-line technical and phone support for your implementation is available from Workflow Doctor during core business hours Monday-Friday. It is really important that you provide as much information as possible when raising a fault call with our Freshdesk customer service system; this should include screenshots of the issue where appropriate, and a full description of the behaviour being seen.

When we are fixing a fault the cause of which is attributed to the incorrect working of the service/system as described, Workflow Doctor provides support at zero cost to the customer. Where however the root cause of an issue is found to have been generated on the client’s side, the time spent investigating this with you will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate of £125 + VAT.

Cloud services

Cloud services are normally billed quarterly in advance. Pricing indications may indicate an equivalent monthly cost based on your anticipated volumes which will reconcile each quarter.

Minimum Term & Termination

Unless otherwise agreed, the minimum term for all cloud services is 12 months with a 30-day notice period required for termination. 

Quarterly invoices

A quarterly invoice will not be credited in the event that you cease use.

Specific Terms

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