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Effortlessly build, maintain, publish & archive your Registers of Interest, Gifts & Hospitality ...on the fly

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Digital governance

Declaflow is a digital platform provided as a service for you to automatically build, maintain, publish, and manage your Register of Interest, Gifts, and Hospitality "on the fly."

covid-19 governance challenge

Declaflow is an innovative platform for good governance, tailored to meet the challenges of governance in the post-COVID distributed working era.

With ubiquitous access using a web browser on your mobile device, PC, or Mac, you can work from anywhere in the world.

Declaflow enables organisations to use the new circumstances as an opportunity to deploy digital workflow solutions to everyday governance challenges without any IT support or software installation.

Using Declaflow enables you to:

  • Demonstrate you are well-led
  • Achieve top-flight regulatory compliance with ease
  • Release your precious board-support resources to focus on governance, freeing them up from relentless administration
  • Show regulators and inspectorates you care about Public Sector Values
  • Say goodbye to paper forms, Excel spreadsheets & Word documents
  • Release your web team from the grind of republishing your static register
  • Take your governance to exemplary levels
  • Save time. Save money. Save face.
Using Declaflow

Declaflow is an immediate solution.

It is easy to access from your desktop or mobile device, and straightforward to use.

Adopt the Declaflow platform into your governance routines effortlessly and instantly.

We take care of your Registers of Interests, Gifts, and Hospitality so you and your team can focus on more value-adding activities.


Consider the benefits:

  • Your web team gets time back for their busy schedule.
  • Your public register is never out of date and needs no administrative effort.
  • Public register can easily be accessed from your organisation's internet pages.
  • You get a detailed account of declarations of interest—and how they have been managed. Simply insert this into your statutory Annual Report and Accounts, and the Annual Governance Statement.
  • You can provide Internal and External Auditors, Counter Fraud Specialists, Regulators, and Inspectors with auditable reports for their annual and periodic reviews.
  • Your reports will be a sound basis for the annual Audit Opinion, any Well led review, or other assessments of leadership, governance, and stewardship of public funds.