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Intelligent automation for your business' vital data

Workflow Doctor provides consultancy and software solutions to enable the automation of information-centric, data-heavy business processes. From medium-sized businesses to global brands, our enterprise-class systems are used by both public and private sector clients and open the door to reduced processing times, greater consistency, improved customer experience and managing your operating costs.

Workflow Automation

Experts in ABBYY automation

As one of ABBYY's leading partners in Europe, we have full access to their portfolio to deliver within our solutions. We work with most of the names you will know in the RPA industry, as well as direct clients, to provide expertise behind their automation projects.

ABBYY provide class-leading software to first help map business process, find 'hot spots' for automation potential then to deliver classification/data extraction systems that dramatically increase efficiency, quality and employee satisfaction in repetitive document processing tasks.

Our systems are scalable up to global enterprise level and can contribute greatly to the monitoring, audit and data compliance that companies are increasingly required to have in-hand.

We have a particularly strong track record of delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning into the automation of Invoice Processing and Purchase Order management.

It's what we do

Workflow Doctor is a young but well-established and dynamic business, we love to take an agile approach to systems integrations and complete these in weeks, not months. We can do this either stand-alone or as part of a larger robotic/automation programme in your business, working as an extension of your own team. We have plenty of experience with 3rd party system integrators and they also enjoy working with us.

The types of clients that find us most useful work in the fields of Accounts Payable, Manufacturing, Case Management, Claims Management, Accountancy and Logistics.

Workflow Automation

Clients include